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The Multiple Sclerosis Society provides free publications for people living with MS and others.

Brochures by title or sorted by topics of interest listed below.  

Publications are also listed in our Publications Catalog.

For printed copies of any of our materials, contact an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867.

General Information

What is MS? Learn about MS—History, genetics, research, and how to choose a healthcare provider. Also learn about the National MS Society and chapter programs.

Newly Diagnosed

Read about how MS is diagnosed and treated, lifestyle issues, and how to make informed decisions about disclosure, and more.

Employment Issues

Be informed about your ADA rights and workplace accommodations, deciding to work or not, employment strategies, symptom management on the job, and information to share with your employer.  

Staying Well

Explore ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Includes topics such as exercise, nutrition, managing stress, emotions, intimacy, and rehab.

Managing Specific Issues

Learn how to live with specific MS symptoms such as fatigue, spasticity, depression, cognitive issues and much more. . .

Managing Major Changes

Practical guidance for caregivers and families, adapting your environment, and material for those with Progressive MS.

For Children & Teenagers

Colorful publications for kids and teens who know someone with MS.

Información en Español

Tenemos folletos en Español.

All publications are approved by key staff, professional advisors, and the National MS Society's Client Education Committee of the Society’s Clinical Advisory Board. Information is updated on a regular basis.